Have you ever Wondered why you are seeing a particular ad?

Do other people see it too or is it targeted specifically to you?

In the latter case, why is it so?

What do the advertisers think about you and your interests?

If you care about questions like the ones above then congratulations, you have found the software that can help you answer them.

Introduction Video

eyeWnder is an experimental browser addon for detecting Online Behavioural Advertising and shedding light to some of its underlying workings. The software relies on the participation of users like you to achieve its goal which is to increase transparency in online advertising.

eyeWnder is following a crowdsourced approach:
  • individual users submit anonymously the ads that they have received together with high level info about their demographic types
  • a crowdsourced database is being populated by data from multiple users
  • when a user asks eyeWnder about a particular ad, the software consults the crowdsourced database and returns statistical information about the demographic types of other users that have seen the same ad
  • this helps an individual to decide for himself if the ad has been targeted or not.

What data we collect?

  • Urls of ads seen by the user.
  • User provided demographic information (Age, Gender, Employment Status).

What data we DON'T collect?

  • Your browsing history.
  • Any Personal Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Any long term constant identifiers like cookies, etc.
For more information about collected data follow this link.